February Snow Moon – Full Moon in Leo Self Reflection and Journalling

“In the journal I do not just express myself more openly than I could to any person; I create myself.”

Susan Sontag

I am a big fan of journalling, although it is fairly new to me in this season of life. When I was younger; between the ages of 10-14 I journalled daily. I have to admit though, this would have been more of a ‘dear diary’ entry and lots of rambling about my friends and my love interests at the time – maybe even the teachers I hated or what my parents were doing to annoy me! I would doodle in my diaries, glue in notes or photographs and only now I can look back and see how it was a creative outlet for me too. Writing in my diary back then was really a little bit of drawing, scrapbooking and creative writing all rolled into one.

As the years pass and life’s responsibilities fill up the spaces in your head – you drift further and further away from those things that used to spark a light in you – and on a personal level – from who you really are – in your soul. Not as a girlfiend, mother, colleague, wife etc. That person you were when you were young and carefree and had time to process your emotions and create!

It is in recent years that I have found myself desperately trying to get back to my source. I have thought about the things that I used to enjoy when I was younger. I have tried to incorporate more dance and art into my adult life as well as journalling.

I take my inspiration for journalling from many different sources. I enjoy following the phases of the moon and I use tarot and oracle cards to reflect on. I also enjoy listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer and often find myself journalling from quotations of his that get me thinking.

In this article I hope to offer you some reflective questions relating to the Full Moon in Leo this February.

I hope that you can use them to delve deeper into your emotions, getting closer to your source and to find a way back to those things that spark a light in you.

The Strength card in Tarot is associated with Leo. This card reminds you that you possess all the inner strength and fortitude to endure and triumph in any situation, and thus awaken the powerful and noble person that is within you. All you need to do is simply believe in yourself and your inner power in order to access these qualities when required.


It is an important time to guard against being self-centred, over opinionated or pushy.

Questions for self reflection

  • Am I balancing the masculine and feminine energies in my life?
  • In what ways have I been self-centred? Towards others? My friends? My family? Work colleagues?
  • In what ways and to whom have I been over-opinionated recently? Where is this coming from? Is it ego? Why am I being judgemental – why am I triggered by other peoples actions? Do I need to address something within myself?
  • How do I push myself or my ways of thinking on to others? Am I able to allow others the freedom to be themselves?
  • What steps will I take in moving forward? Towards a more open, accepting and loving me?


Take time to relax, recharge and replenish your inner strength.

  • What makes me feel relaxed? Content and settled, in the moment and mindful?
  • What make me feel recharged? Energised and inspired?
  • What makes me feel replenished? Full of joy? Happy and grateful?
  • What does my inner strength look like?

I found these questions to be so rewarding. Just for fun I have listed some of the things that spark the light in me.


Lying down, peace and quiet, comfy clothes like pyjamas and dressing gowns.  A long hot bath is an amazing healer for me.  Heat and warmth make me feel relaxed as does a cup of tea and a magazine on the couch with a cosy blanket.  I enjoy having candles lit or the log burner on. My electric blanket.


Exercise makes me feel recharged! Also sitting in the conservatory. Daylight, sunshine and vast open spaces make me feel recharged, as does looking at nature, birds and greenery.  Talking to certain friends, helping someone, a good laugh, clean styled hair, a tidy home with everything in its place.


Divination, self exploration and journalling, listening to audiobooks and podcasts that interest me.  Anything that helps me get closer to knowing myself, studying things to do with nature, looking after the planet, growing plants, keeping them alive and helping the planet and nature thrive replenishes me.  Sunshine, hugs, looking at the moon and stars or a beautiful sky, seeing birds and rabbits and deer – to realise that I am not alone on this earth, that I am not superior but a part of it.

Inner Strength

Like a wall? Protecting my inner world from all the outside influences.  Influences such as other peoples drama, negativity and stress?  Trying to release expectations and disappointments from others?  Blocking myself from others ego and calling myself out when my own ego kicks in?  Not being judgemental or triggered by other peoples behaviour.  Trying not to feel the pain and hurt of my family members too deeply and setting boundaries for myself with those who are needy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. I would love to hear more about your journalling process, or if you are new to journalling or if you used the reflective questions.

Love from Lisa

3 Ways That You Can Connect To The Energy Of The Goddess

The Goddess can take many forms and many names.

The Goddess can be described as Devine being who loves and cares for us.  She takes many forms and is given many names, but all share the same common characteristics, including a nurturing presence and powerful connection to nature.  She is also the earth we live on, and the energy that lies within that earth.  You can sense the energy when you’re out in nature – it comes over you as a feeling of calmness and leaves you feeling replenished.

I believe that connecting with the Goddess and learning to work with her energy will help towards living a slower, more peaceful life. This is something that I am always striving for!

Just as nature’s cycles happen at their own pace and you can’t rush them, in the same way the Goddess – who encompasses the wondrous beauty of nature – slows our pace as well.

Sometimes it can be easy to take for granted all the gifts we are given, but if you awaken to the Goddess, you realise there is so much to be grateful for.  This sense of gratitude is really good for us, making our entire being glow, and attracting more good things our way.

Here are three ways that you can connect with the energy of the goddess every day.

Creating an altar

My altar with some pine cones and stones I collected on a walk in nature.

Place candles, a statue or a picture on your altar that represents how you see the goddess.  Add crystals and any ornaments that represent her.

Each week try to bring something from the natural world to place on your altar.

Light a candle each day on your altar and stop to reflect and just be.  Make time for this because, however busy you are, slowing down and connecting is vital.  Remember you are something much deeper than the little worries of everyday life.  Visualise yourself somewhere out in nature that you love. This works best for me first thing in the morning.

Having an altar isn’t the only way to connect to the energy of the Goddess.

Get out into Nature

Take your crystals and Tarot cards along with you and let them soak up the energy of the Goddess.

Often I will choose a card that reflects the feeling or emotion of a particular spot in nature.

In order to connect with nature give yourself permission to take time out, away from your phone and electronic devices. Set the intention to connect and be present with the nature around you, as well as your internal experience. Rest your attention on the sensory experiences of nature. The smells, sights and sensations. Remember to bring the qualities of mindfulness allowing a non-judgmental awareness to your time connecting to the Goddess.

Nature Niche

If you are unable to get outdoors choose a corner of your home to make a nature niche. Once a day just sit and be amongst nature. Perhaps the corner of your living room or bedroom with a comfy chair, cushion, blanket or rug. Place scented candles, dried leaves, bark, rocks, photos of scenes you love, fresh flowers or houseplants. This will help you connect with the energy of the Goddess.

I would love to know how you connect to the energy of the Goddess. Do you have any rituals you could share with others? Share in the comments.

Love from Lisa